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Comfort Living Care Services Ltd is one of the UK’s leading providers of care services in the community which include all-around domiciliary care. This will consist of personal care, assistance with nutrition and hydration and administration of medication and companionship to our service users.

We serve with compassion and devotion and take pride in every aspect of their care to ensure that our service users have access to the best quality care services and that supports their need to continue living safely, independently and happily in the comfort of their own home with greater personal dignity, self-worth and self-esteem.

We promote equality and diversity within our professional environment. Our organisation promotes dignity and respect for all service users, staff members and stakeholders. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.
Our recruited staff members go through extensive background and compliance checks (DBS check), in line with the DBS Check guidance with a zero-tolerance for intimidation, bullying or harassment. Also, we are committed to ensuring that service users are aware of all procedures related to raising complaints and concerns.

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Provide the highest quality care and support possible

Our Aims .

• Give service users a high-quality domiciliary care
• Deliver personal care in line with the needs, aspirations and requirements of our service users
• Promote equality and diversity within our professional environment
• Exceed the expectations of the service user
• Provide care with dignity, respect and compassion
• Promote the independence of the service users
• Learn and improve the practices as a result of audits, risk managements, complaints, feedback

Our Objectives .

• Be responsive to the needs and wishes of service users
• Promote innovation and continuous improvement as a core vision of the organisation
• Undertake audits and risk managements on a regular basis for a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led service.
• Zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination or abuse to service users or staff
• Support staff development and appraisal and revalidation
• Monitor and maintain a high-quality standard of care

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